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International Conference  - April, 13-14, 2005 - Louvain-la-Neuve,Wallonia, Belgium

Rationale of the Conference

What unique challenges does the Knowledge Society present to Europe? How can futures studies help create effective strategies to meet those challenges? How can futures studies contribute to strategies for success for European companies and private sector organizations? How can futures studies assist Europeans in clarifying their change issues with regard to the key challenges facing the world as a whole? Addressing these critical questions is the main objective of this conference.

 So, the Conference "The Futures of the European in a Global Knowledge Society" will focus on the following actions :

– identify common emerging challenges for Europe and develop actions to meet these challenges.

– learn the “best methodological practice” and improve the methodology.

– bring foresight outputs to the policy arena and provide policy analyses.

– provide monitoring of future-oriented activity in Europe and globally, and build capacity for providing future-oriented studies in Europe.

– provide governance with global thinking oriented on the future.

– bring future-oriented knowledge and thinking to education, policy-making, the scientific community, companies and public organizations at large.

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Four questions will structure the work, especially during the parallel workshops :

1. How can we translate key global issues to the European Union scale? How can different European actors proactively contribute to global challenges using futures studies? The conference will discuss new insights European futures studies experts/ actors bring to global issues. 

2. What are the “burning issues” of Europe in the global context?

3. How can European futures studies experts (academics, policy makers, thinktanks, etc.) play a significant role in promoting global issues and developments? 

4. How can we develop and consolidate European cohesion and co-operation in promoting global prospects? How can we structure foresight capabilities in Europe ?

Europe must develop its own approach to global issues. Finding common fields of interest and stimulating interaction between different actors is critical to that effort.

Three target groups has been defined by the organizers of the conference are : 1) university units (research & education) and other public organizations 2) companies 3) civil servants and decision makers of European institutions.

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